Bee My Honey ~ Georgia Valentine Wedding | Eileen and Jonathan

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! Since this is a day of love I figured why not celebrate it with a romantic Valentine’s session with the cutest couple ever, Eileen and Jonathan. They made each others’ Valentine cards that together said “bee mine,” which was an inspiration for the whole day.

I filled glass jars with honey which were just stunning in the sunlight as well as a cheap diy center piece! The giant cupcake cake and little apple pies were by Cafe IZ. Not only did they look fabulous they tasted great too! I made little bumble bees out of wire, fuzzy balls, and silk flowers. I also had a friend who made the groom’s bumble bee boutonniere out of wire and a bottle cap. On the day of their wedding they found a heart shape rock that they now keep on the mantle of their fireplace as a symbol of their love. They are such a wonderful couple. You could really see the love in their eyes! There’s nothing more romantic than capturing true love in a photo forever. Make sure and take a picture of you and your honey today too!

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