Wedding & Portrait Photographers International is a week long convention in Las Vegas every year. Though I had heard of it several times while attending the Brooks Institute I somehow never attended. This was my first year going and let me just say I will never not go again! It made me speechless, literally I lost my voice. It was so inspirational and educational I choked up several times hearing great photographers pour their hearts out. There is also a trade show filled with vendors that have anything and everything to do with photography: equipment, printing labs, album companies, software, backdrops, etc. It was overwhelming! I was not satisfied with my album company before going to WPPI, but after the trade show I now know exactly what I want.

However one of my favorite parts of WPPI was being surrounded by thousands of creative photographers! I wanted to become friends with them all and trust me I tried ­čÖé I still have so many┬ábusiness┬ácards to go through. I want to look at all their work individually and friend them each on facebook. I even got to meet the most talented Jose Villa and Jill LaFleur. If you don’t know who they are and you love love, then I highly suggest checking out their work. When I went to express my appreciation for Jill’s class to her afterwords I embarrassingly started tearing up. I’m not sure if it was the lack of sleep or truly the passion and respect I have for her but I would say it was a little of both. There was also a small class thrown together for just Brook students/graduates where a panel of teachers and successful graduates (Jose Villa being one of course) all got to express things that would be most beneficial to us. I loved seeing these award winning graduates from Brooks speak because it inspired me to think I could be where they are if I keep doing what I love and putting my everything into it. Anyway I could keep writing about this forever so I will end with a few photos from my Las Vegas trip.

This was another panel of amazing photographers and bloggers. I believe from left to right it is Amanda, Mike Colon, Kimberly (Style Unveiled), Summer Watkins (Grey Likes Weddings), Mike Larson, Jose Villa, Jesh De Rox.

I also kept coming across rabbits on my trip and I felt like Alice chasing after something big to come in my future…

This was a wedding dress in the airport for a purse store. Believe it or not I went in and asked who the designer was and her response was someone that worked there! The dress was actually made of rice paper, pearls, and feathers… Isn’t that amazing.

WPPI Las Vegas Convention


WPPI Las Vegas Convention

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