Ginna was a beautiful laid back bride who was barefoot most of her wedding day! She and Leighton are the type of couple you want to spend a weekend with at the lake, and I was lucky enough to do just that for their engagement session. After their session  Ginna wrote to compliment me on how great it was that I was able “to get a guy to enjoy a photo session!” and that “Leighton was seriously bragging about you all afternoon.” This makes me giggle a little! We did have a lot of fun, which you can see in their photos.Their wedding took place on a stunning summer day at the Sonnet House in Leeds, AL. When we went to do their first look Ginna literally ran all the way to Leighton she was so excited!  I love how they’ve known each other for most of their lives but are still giddy for one another. One of my favorite things from their wedding was the individual peach cobblers in place of the grooms cake! At the end of the night lids were placed on the cobblers and you could take one home for a midnight snack, which I surely did! Thank you G+L for such a wonderful wedding!

SayBre Photography_ginna+leighton_015

SayBre Photography_ginna+leighton_002

SayBre Photography_ginna+leighton_003

SayBre Photography_ginna+leighton_004

SayBre Photography_ginna+leighton_005

They had a polaroid camera for guest to make an instant scrapbook for them! Also a great way to make sure every guest was photographed 🙂

SayBre Photography_ginna+leighton_006

SayBre Photography_ginna+leighton_008

SayBre Photography_ginna+leighton_007

SayBre Photography_ginna+leighton_009

SayBre Photography_ginna+leighton_010

SayBre Photography_ginna+leighton_011

SayBre Photography_ginna+leighton_012

SayBre Photography_ginna+leighton_013

SayBre Photography_ginna+leighton_014

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SayBre Photography_ginna+leighton_017

SayBre Photography_ginna+leighton_018

SayBre Photography_ginna+leighton_016

SayBre Photography_ginna+leighton_019

SayBre Photography_ginna+leighton_020

SayBre Photography_ginna+leighton_021

SayBre Photography_ginna+leighton_022

SayBre Photography_ginna+leighton_023

SayBre Photography_ginna+leighton_024

SayBre Photography_ginna+leighton_025

SayBre Photography_ginna+leighton_026

SayBre Photography_ginna+leighton_027

SayBre Photography_ginna+leighton_028

Ginna+Leighton ~ Sweet Southern Wedding : The Sonnet House


Ginna+Leighton ~ Sweet Southern Wedding : The Sonnet House

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