I met Jennifer and Josh over a year ago at the Atlanta Bridal Show and I was so happy when they decided to book me for their special day! They ended up having two engagement sessions in different locations with different looks. I thought this was a great idea because you can’t have too many amazing photos of just the two of you together. These two actually dated a long long time ago and things didn’t work out at the time. Years later when they both had changed careers and grown on their own they happened to fall into each others lives again and could not be separated. The love they have now is stronger than ever! I was so honored to document some of their love story. Please enjoy some of the photos from their wedding at Roswell Founders Hall. Also a special thanks to my second shooter, Trent Chau!

Confortable flip flops and a breathtaking necklace and bracelet for the Bridesmaids gift!

Jennifers gift to Josh. My mom actually gave us these books at our wedding! Here is one of the tips, “Don’t think it’s beneath you to put your husband’s slippers ready for him. On a cold evening, especially, it makes all the difference to his comfort if the soles are warmed through.” Haha Does that mean we’re suppose to wear them first to warm them up?!

Stunning Jimmy Choo Shoes and clutch to die for!

Gifts J+J got each other the day of.

Daddy daughter first look. He was laughing because he said we paid all that money for those shoes and we can’t even see them! He was just trying to get her to smile.

Jennifer+Josh chose not to see each other before the wedding but they did want a photo where they were both in it!

Jennifer+Josh ~ Roswell, GA Wedding Photography : Roswell Founders Hall


Jennifer+Josh ~ Roswell, GA Wedding Photography : Roswell Founders Hall

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