Lights, Camera, Action! This wedding was one of a kind. I met the groom, Jason, years ago in high school on the drumline. That’s right, I played bass drum. I don’t remember ever being very good, but my old friends begged to differ last weekend which surprised me. I then went to UA and was in colorguard. Jason was one of the only people I knew when arriving in Alabama and we became best friends and then roommates! We had epic costume themed parties. For example, tin foil theme, what you want to be when you grow up theme, super hero vs villain theme! Theme parties were our forté, so it only made sense that his wedding would be the biggest theme party ever.

Jason and Rebekka gathered their all time favorite movies and incorporated them in to their special day. Jason and his best man were dressed as Dumb and Dumber and his other groomsmen were dressed like the Big Lebowski. Rebekka dressed traditionally which they explained in a homemade movie before the wedding started on the big screen! All of her bridesmaids/man dressed as Harry Potter characters, the ring bearers were dressed as the Three Amigos, and all guest were invited to dress up as well! Jason and Rebekka had been taking dance lessons months before the wedding so they could preform the actual Dirty Dancing dance. They even pulled off the lift at the end! Rebekkas sister made both of the stunning cakes from scratch! There was movie trivia, an epic ice cream bar, and movie clips playing all night. They thought of it all! This was truly a wedding to never forget. I can’t express how happy I am for these two to live happily ever after!

I took a gamble getting the kiss from this angle. It would have been perfect if I had stollen that hat 😉

Jason is a graphic designer so he photoshopped his wedding party in to their favorite movie posters!

Each table was decorated with a different movie theme and fresh popcorn!

They had an ah-mazing ice cream bar!

Movie Trivia Quizes and door prizes were given out!

No one puts Baby in the corner!

Bryant djed the wedding! We dressed as Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum! Here we are taking a break to dance to his sweet tunes!


Jason+Rebekka ~ Movie Themed Wedding : Georgia Dallas Theater


Jason+Rebekka ~ Movie Themed Wedding : Georgia Dallas Theater

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