Happy St Patty’s weekend! My husband and I, plus my best friend, and several family members went to Ireland last October. It is one of my absolute favorite places to visit, though I may be a bit biased. I gained an appreciation for my Irish heritage when I started Irish step dancing at age 10. Also while studying at the Brooks Institue I spent 2 months in Ireland working on a documentary project with 12 other photographers. At the culmination of the project, we created a DVD, gallery exhibit, book, and website. I was actually the one who designed and created our Website. Feel free to take a moment and check it out, there’s some really stunning work.

Ireland is truly a magical place! The people are so friendly and the beauty is overwhelming. Ali and I decided to take some Irish inspired portraits. She wore a gold headband and a green dress from Anthropology. She also wrapped herself in a knitted shawl my mom made all my bridesmaids for my wedding. We literally just pulled over on the side of the road where we found some abandoned ruins. We were welcomed by the cutest donkeys who also wanted to have their photos taken. Our session was short but sweet due to the chill breeze but I think we really got some great shots. If any of you ladies are thinking about a destination wedding, the summers are stunning in Ireland! Just make sure you contact me about coming with you 🙂

Check out my Irish feature on Glamour and Grace’s Blog today! Also here are a few Gaelic words you can throw out there this Irish weekend.

Éirinn go Brách (Erin Go Bragh) ~ Ireland forever
Sláinte (slahn-chə) ~ Good Health : Commonly used as a drinking toast
Gráím thú (Graw-im hoo) ~ I love You

An Irish Blessing: May your troubles be less and your blessings be more.
And nothing but happiness come through your door.



Irish Ali ~ Galway, Ireland : Irish Portraiture & Wedding Photography


Irish Ali ~ Galway, Ireland : Irish Portraiture & Wedding Photography

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