Hi, this is Bryant, Bre’s husband. One of things that has always brought us together is music. A few years ago we were in Tuscaloosa and this relatively unknown band called the Shakes were playing. It was a pretty casual environment, as usual, at Egan’s. I even picked up their bass and jammed with Britney, the lead singer, for a bit.  A few months later, to remove any confusion with other bands called the Shakes, they add Alabama to their name, get mentioned on a few prominents music blogs, and in almost no time, the Alabama Shakes are signed to a major label and begin selling out large venues worldwide. During one of their tours, they brought fellow Alabamians, Lee Bains and the Glory Fires, as their opener. I always appreciated that they didn’t forget their roots, and the show last weekend at Egan’s was another sign of that.

Bre and I hadn’t made it to Tuscaloosa this year yet, and with a secret show, release of Druid City Brewing Company’s Pale Ale, and the Iron Bowl the next day, there was no better time for us to make the pilgrimage to the motherland. We arrive at Egan’s around 9:00 and by then the line was wrapping around the building, it was clear that the show was no longer secret. Luckily we were able to get in. Lee Bains and team kicked off the night to a very enthusiastic crowd. Next up were the Shakes, billed as Boyz Room. Despite a few less than polite folks in the crowd, who let their love of the Shakes overtake their love of their fellow mankind, it was a great show. Check out Bre’s pics below! Oh, and Roll Tide!!!



Alabama Shakes Secret Show at Egans : Tuscaloosa, AL Event Photography


Alabama Shakes Secret Show at Egans : Tuscaloosa, AL Event Photography

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