OMG, I’m sooo excited for this blog post! My good friends from UA, who now live in Brooklyn, NY just got engaged! Bryant and I recently visited them in NY, when Geoff spilled the beans. He told us that he was going to ask her on their vacation to Santa Teresa, Costa Rica. They are actually there right now! He  just wrote to tell me he proposed at the top of a mountain after hiking together through the jungle. I can’t imagine how romantic that could have been, swoon…
(I hope there is a photo)

While we were in NY Geoff and I planned a photo shoot of the two of them at Coney Island. Michele thought we were just taking cute photos of the two of them in love, but secretly I knew they were soon to be real engagement photos! Coney Island was filled with bright colors and childhood rides. It’s also known for owning one of the world’s best wooden roller coasters, the Cyclone. It was built in 1927 and it feels like you’ve been in a car wreck after you get off. I’ve ridden it once so I can cross it of my bucket list. It was such an exciting shoot to be in NY and seeing old friends. I was so giddy photographing them knowing she had no idea what was right around the corner. We ended the day riding the giant ferris wheel at sunset. It made for some breath taking photos.

He even won her a prize, with her help 🙂

I was sooo close to getting this amazing shot, but I got yelled at for standing on the carousel, lol.

Captured this on the subway 🙂

It was so hot they decide to run through a busted fire hydrant!

Geoff+Michele ~ Brooklyn, New York Engagement : Coney Island


Geoff+Michele ~ Brooklyn, New York Engagement : Coney Island

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